How to get the most from reading the Bible.

Ever struggled with having a hunger for reading the Bible?  I do!  I love reading when I need a word to encourage, to prepare for a sermon or a bible study, to send a sympathy card or just to bless and encourage someone but, I don’t chase after it like baseball, football, guitar and other things that captivate my focus.


This blog will spend time showing you how I do it and hopefully help you have a hunger for God’s word.


Methodology for Daily Time in God’s Word. 

  • Choose a place. Sanctify it as a place to meet with the Lord.
  • Set a time
  • Make sure that you have a place that has no distraction where you can meet daily with the Lord. Put you phone on silent.
  • Enter that time prepared with no anger/a clean heart.
  • Have a notebook pen and bible
  • Write the date, The Book and chapter that you will be studying
  • Write headings with several lines between: General; Specific; Command; Promise; Principle; Behavior
  • Start with prayer and proclamation. Proclaim who God is. 

Take time to honor and bless the Lord for who he is.  Pray, sing, speak out the scriptures that speak of the great name of God.

  • Read the chapter one time for General Write it under the heading
  • Read it the second time for Specific meaning for you. Record
  • Read it a third time in another translation if you can.
  • Continue looking for the following and record under the appropriate headings.


  1. Command:   Is there a command that you are to follow?
  2. Promise:   Is there a promise of God to receive
  3. Principle:  Is there a Principle to follow
  4. Behavior:  Is there a Behavior to change

                        Think about the last time you acted in a way that      

                        is contrary to the standard you feel God calling      

                        you too.


                        Meditate and see yourself changing that behavior.


                        Then see yourself doing what you have been told

                        to change to prepare yourself for the next time    

                        you are in a similar situation.


                        Take off-Renew-Put on (Colossians 3:9)

  • End with a time of prayer where you repent and commit to what you were called too. And receive strength for the day.  (Psalm 5:12)
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