We exist to bring glory to God by growing in faith and by introducing others to Jesus. There are many things that are important to us, but there are some that are essential – Our Vison, Mission and Core Values are the foundational material that makes us who we are.


We are a Great commandment and a great commission Church. We exist to proclaim God’s goodness and Love and to make disciples of all who would follow Him. 




To Know God and to make Him Known.




We live to Love, Grow, Serve and Go in order to live out the Great commandment and to Fulfill the Great Commandment.

  • To Receive the Love of God’s restoring power and to Love others with it.
  • To Grow in the knowledge and love of God and to aid others in that growth
  • To Serve others with the resources God has blessed us with
  • To Go on mission and take His transforming power to others through healing, prayer and evangelism.



Core Values

God’s Word

We believe that Holy Scripture contains all things necessary for life and salvation – leading us to a personal conversion and relationship with Jesus Christ.


God’s Power

Living in the power of the Holy Spirit for life and ministry.


God’s Glory

Worship, celebrated with passion and creativity.

God’s Family

Experiencing His transforming love in the context of life-giving relationships.


God’s Heart

To heal, restore and renew us: in mind, body, soul, and spirit.


God’s Mission

That everyone would know His love, mercy and truth.




We are a ‘Three Streams’ Ministry: 

Biblical, Anglican, and Spirit-Filled


Here at St. Luke’s we value Healing Prayer, Expressive Worship, Hearing from God today and Caring for Others in the community. These values are expressed in each of these major streams: BIBLICAL, ANGLICAN AND SPIRIT FILLED.


BIBLICAL: Everything we do is grounded in the truth of the Word of God as revealed in the bible


ANGLICAN: Our worship is shaped by the leadership of the Anglican church, its liturgy and traditions


SPIRIT-FILLED: We believe that God moves, speaks and gives gifts to his church today. Through the power of His spirit we are given gifts to heal, encourage, discern and grow in God’s calling for each one of us.


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