Just like a family has an ethnic heritage which makes it unique with special characteristics and traditions, we recognize what we call a “4-stream spiritual ethnicity” which makes the family of St. Luke’s Church unique. These are not goals, but rather “streams” which characterize and “flow through” our life together:


We believe in the authority of the Holy Scriptures, (the Bible’s Old and New Testaments). We recognize that the Scriptures point us to a personal conversion to Jesus Christ as the only means of being reconciled with God and receiving eternal life.


A Sacrament is simply an outward sign of God’s inward grace. In other words, God uses things we can see and touch to help us connect with Him. Our Sacramental life is patterned according to the historic, worldwide Anglican Communion of which St. Luke’s is a member through the Anglican Diocese of the Great Lakes within the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA).


The Holy Spirit is given to all who confess Jesus Christ as Lord. We believe that the gifts of the Spirit described in Scripture are still given to Christians today. We encourage all Christians to be filled with or “baptized” in the Holy Spirit for the purpose of being empowered for Kingdom life and ministry.

Biblical Justice

We understand that the natural outcome of a life lived for God is that the world around us will be positively impacted. We seek to practically demonstrate the love and truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in every sector and structure of society. Our focus is both local and global, with a special emphasis on meeting those who are oppressed, with the freedom of Christ.