What will be happening at Saint Luke’s Church this Sunday?

Our service begins with 20-25 minutes of music ending with a time of corporate prayer. Song lyrics may be viewed on the overhead projection screens, or if you desire, an usher can provide you with a printed song sheet. Most of our collective prayers and responses are also shown on the screens. A time of announcements and testimonies which highlight what God is doing in our lives follows, and our morning scriptures are presented. The pastor’s message comes next, after which an offering is taken. If you are a visitor with us this morning, we do not expect you to participate in the offering.

We celebrate communion each Sunday with an altar open to all baptized Christians. We share a common cup, taking the bread and wine when offered near the front of the room. As communion begins, we remove the chairs located in the section furthest from the entrance doors to provide a space for our prayer ministry. You are welcomed and encouraged to visit us there. Our prayer teams will be blessed to pray with you. Our worship closes with a prayer and a blessing.

What will I see?

Our worship here is as varied as our members. Therefore you will see many different expressions of that worship. Some people stand, some sit, some dance with exuberance, some raise their hands, some kneel or lie on the floor in quiet worship. We use flags and banners throughout the music. You will also occasionally see an artist painting during the music. Our pastors and servers wear robes and we celebrate communion at a central altar.

What will I hear?

You will hear a mixture of contemporary and traditional music that ranges from quiet and contemplative to loud and celebrative. So as some may stay very quiet, some may shout praises to the Lord Throughout our service, people from the congregation and or the pastors will speak out an encouraging and uplifting word from the Lord.

What do I have to do?

Feel welcomed and encouraged to join in as you feel comfortable and be blessed in the presence of our Father in heaven, Jesus our Savior, and the Holy Spirit.