St. Luke's Healing

St. Luke's Healing

Our Legacy as a healing congregation began with our name – Luke was a follower of Jesus but also a physician who cared about people in need of healing. Research has shown that when people encounter physical problems or disease, yet have a faith-based connection and people praying for them, they experience significantly higher rates of healing and quicker recuperation. James, the brother of Jesus once said, “You do not have because you do not ask God.” (James 4:2) We would be happy to come alongside you so together, we can ask God to bless, heal and encourage you in times of illness or distress.


Inner Healing Ministry

Inner Healing is when we ask Jesus to go to the areas in our lives that are deeply wounded through past trauma. We carry memories and feelings associated with these experiences. Painful memories can damage our emotions. Unless God heals us in the area of our brokenness we will not experience freedom and grow into the people God created us to be. We offer an Inner Healing Team to pray with you, one on one at no cost. Please call for an appointment.


Pastoral Care

Our pastoral staff has significant training and experience in healing prayer, pastoral counseling and spiritual direction, which may be helpful in times of loss, emotional stress or physical disease. We work in conjunction with our congregation’s trained prayer ministers and professional counselors to encourage, support, and offer prayers and guidance as a part of holistic faith based healing. We believe in miracles! If we can support you in a time of distress please call the office for an appointment.


Encountering Jesus Ministries (EJM)

Receive a fresh understanding of the plans God has for your life. Get equipped to step into your kingdom destiny. EJM is designed to help individuals, churches and prayer groups experience our Lord’s ministry of physical healing. This is a hands-on experience to become aware of the power of the Holy Spirit, who dwells in us. Encountering Jesus Ministries is a scripture based adventure into experiencing the ways and character of Jesus. We offer individual appointment at St. Luke’s Ministries, or during a group six week series, or in a large two day conference setting at a hosting church. Please call the office at St. Luke’s Ministries for an appointment.


Professional Fee-Based Counseling

Professional Fee-Based Counseling is available upon request. A professional counselor will offer support as people work through deep emotional and spiritual wounds. Counselors teach people how to reduce stress and bring peace to one’s mind and healing to the body.