Global Missions

Global Missions

At St. Luke’s we believe that God is on a mission to save, heal, and renew our world. He sent Jesus on mission to live among us in real life so we could intimately know God. As Jesus followers we are sent out into our real lives to bring renewal and transformation to society. 

We are all called. As a community we are on a mission to make disciples who make disciples both locally and globally. This mission is accomplished through loving God, loving each other, and loving our neighborhood. We would love to partner with you to serve our community! 

 “It’s not complicated. Just love the one in front of you.”- Dr. Heidi Baker

There a number ways you can engage with us to live on mission. We invite you learn about our growing missional communities and our local and global mission partnerships.

“The Word became flesh and blood, and moved into the neighborhood.” –John 1:1


Anglican Relief and Development Fund (ARDF)

Inspired by God’s radical grace, ARDF empowers Anglicans in the developing world to show the love of Christ to those in need in their own communities: Clean water for the thirsty. Jobs for the poor. Education for children. Food for the hungry.

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Gambella Anglican Centre (Ethiopia)

The Gambella Anglican Centre currently hosts the St Barnabas’ congregation, library facilities, sports programs, and an agricultural program. It is also the central gathering place for the 70 Anglican congregations in the Gambella Region, and hosts clergy training for 2-3 days each month, literacy training, and Mothers’ Union training.

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Community Health Empowerment (Uganda)

CHE is a church initiated, wholistc development ministry that trains and equips local volunteers called CHEs (Community Health Educators) to share God’s love in their communities by bringing physical and spiritual teaching to the homes around them.

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Father’s House Crisis Pregnancy Centre, Village Ministry


Go­Forth Minstries

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